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CD cleaning & polishing

  • CD/CD-ROM/DVD apply 5-10 drops to a soft, 100% cotton pad (as included); wipe playing surface thoroughly, but gently. Let the Cleaner do the work; don't scrub dirt or grit into the disc surface.
  • rinse disc with distilled water or filtered tap water.

  • shake to remove remaining water & gently move a fresh cotton pad across the surface to allow the pad to wick up any remaining water. for safety, DO NOT RUB.
  • between cleanings, dust can be removed and static charge reduced with a high quality carbon fiber brush identical to those used to clean LP's.
Only non-woven pure cotton round pads can be used with confidence*. Never re-use cotton pads to clean or dry compact discs or Laser Discs. Purchase pads recommended by THE DISC DOCTOR'S MIRACLE CD CLEANER to guarantee safe and thorough cleaning, the first time and every time!

*100% Pure cotton balls can be safely used to apply Cleaner during cleaning applications but the round air-welded cosmetic pads are preferred for drying.

DO NOT Attempt to dilute The Miracle CD Cleaner with alcohols or other surface cleaners since repeated use of these materials will haze and/or fracture the playing surface of the disc  

  • Clean a CD/DVD with The Disc Doctor's Miracle CD Cleaner per instructions & rinse with distilled water. Apply 3-5 drops of The Disc Doctor's Miracle CD Cleaner to polishing pad. Polish the reading surface of the disc for 1 min, making small circular motions as you go around the disc with gentle but firm pressure. Rinse thoroughly with distilled water & dry with a clean pure cotton cosmetic pad like those supplied with the Cleaner. Drying between initial cleaning & polishing steps is not necessary. With proper handling, re-polishing is not required.
Lint remaining on the disc once dry can be removed with a clean carbon fiber brush like those recommended for use with LPs.

We recommend using a clean carbon fiber brush before and after playback to remove micro-dust from the surface of the CD/DVD or Laser Discs and to minimize the build up of static charge.

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