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Instructions for replacing Brush Pads & Vacuum Wand Strips
Brush Pad Replacement

Remove the existing brush pad by peeling back the fabric AND the tape film which holds the pad in place*. Use the old film and/or your finger tips to roll up any adhesive which may remain on the rubber handle surface. The replacement pads are a sandwich consisting of a fabric pad, double sided tape and a backing paper.

*Warm brushes & pads to 80-90°F*

Working with the fabric face toward you, peel a corner of the tape film AND fabric toward you (Don't pull the fabric off of the tape!). When a corner is free peel about 1/3 of the backing paper back upon itself to expose part of the tape film.

Align a short side of the pad with the exposed adhesive tape along a short edge of the handle bottom. When the edge of the pad is positioned, peel back the rest of the backing & smooth the pad onto the surface of the handle. Reseat if necessary; wrinkling is prohibited! Roll the edges of the pad onto the handle sides. The fine edge of film (~1/32") which may be visible along the long edges of the pad should be pressed onto the rubber surface with a sliding finger motion. Don't transfer adhesive from you fingers to the cleaning pad surface. Allow adhesive to set for 48 hrs. before use.

Strip Replacement for Vacuum Wands

The general directions for replacing brush pads should be used when replacing the strips that line the slot of the vacuum wand on VPI, Moth, Nitty Gritty & similar record cleaning machines. Debris from old strips can usually be removed with common hydrocarbon solvents [use in well ventilated area] or the surface of the tube smoothed down with a single-edged razor blade.

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