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from Primyl Vinyl Exchange Newsletter

"We'll get to the cleaning fluid momentarily- I've got to say up front that the Disc Doctor's Brush is simply the best designed device for cleaning records I've ever seen or used." ........

"This simple procedure cleaned the records marvelously."

"Manual cleaning is effective and economical, especially for the occasional new acquisition. .... If you want to clean your whole collection and you will, when you hear the improvement), you'll still want a machine. The manual procedure is easily adapted [to machine use]....."

"I've cleaned several dozen records with the Disc Doctor system, and I'd find it hard to settle for less, let alone a CD version of a vintage performance. Even records previously cleaned by other means were improved.... We're talking increases in clarity and definition not unlike a cartridge, cable, or pre-amp upgrade in many instances. And the stylus stayed clean.

A "Miracle Record Cleaner"? Perhaps not, but then I haven't located a reliable source for distilled Holy Water yet, either. What does seem miraculous, in this day of overpriced tweaks and magic dots, is discovering a state-of-the-art product, affordably priced, thoroughly engineered, and invaluable to both the impecunious collector of obscure recordings and the affluent audiophile with a reference quality system."

PVXam Grades- Performance: A. $ Value: A
Bruce Kinch, Editor, Primyl Vinyl Exchange Newsletter
Vol. 1, #5, 1996 (617) 739-3856
P.O. Box 67109, Chestnut Hill, MA 02167
reprinted in Positive Feedback, Vol 6, # 5 ----------------------------------------------------------------- Listener Magazine says,

"But pick as I might, I can't find any essential faults with the Disc Doctor approach to cleaning records--and while this sort of thing defies the assignment of stars & checks (so I won't), you can consider this a recommendation. The fluid in particular makes sense, as does the company's recommended approach to using it; I really like the fact that the pads are replaceable; none of this stuff strikes me as overpriced; and, like I said, it seems to work very well. Unless the fluid you have is the fluid you love (wait, that came out wrong...), you should give this a whirl."

Art Dudley, Editor, Listener Magazine Autumn, 1996

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